We continue to test the latest and greatest in development and we offer to you what we know to work best. If you would like further information on any of our products, please use the links provided to read more on the manufacturers' web sites.

Every aquarium project is different. Though we've listed some of the most important pieces, we probably missed product or information you need - just contact us and we'll help you find it.

Our supplies are available for delivery with scheduled service or consult. We also ship supplies via courier.

Food & Vitamins
Like us, fish and corals need to eat right in order to stay healthy and look their best. Supplement our dry and frozen foods with additional vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to bring out true colour.
Frozen Food San Francisco Bay, PEMYSIS
Dry Food New Life Spectrum
Fish Supplements Kent, ZeoVit, American Marine
Coral Food Dt's, Coral Frenzy, ZeoVit
Treatment Aquarium Munster , SeaChem

Additives & Substrate

When it comes to these products there is no shortage of choice. Over years of trying different things we've come to trust these products to deliver results every time - we recommend you use them also.
Aquarium Salt H2Ocean, Reefer's Best , NeoMarine
Ionic Balance  SeaChem, ROWA, CaribSea, ZeoVit
Reef Vitamins EcoSystems, SeaChem, ZeoVit
Trace Elements SeaChem, Kent Marine, ZeoVit
Aragamax Substrate CaribSea

Filter & Reactor Media

It important to use the proper media with your equipment. We use the following media and resins because we've found them to work best.
Ca Reactor Media Deltec, CaribSea
Carbon Kent, ZeoVit
Phosphate/Silicate ROWA, House
Polyfilter Poly Bio Marine
Canister Media Eheim, Hagen
Filter Pads HBH Enterprises, House Brand
Media Bags Blue Ribbon, SeaChem

Regular water testing provides the information needed to properly care for your aquatic life. It's recommended to keep records to note depletion rates and fix any parameter fluctuations. We recommend the following testing equipment:
Test Kits Elos, Salifert, Tropic Marin
Refractometer Sybon, Vertex
Thermometer Neptune Systems, Hagen, Reef Keeper

Cleaning Supplies
There's a difference between biologically clean and visually clean. Thanks to the rest of our products and services your aquatic life looks vibrant and healthy - these products will help you see that.
Cleaning Magnets Algae Free
Grabbers Oceanic, Eheim
Scrapers Kent
Nets Blue Ribbon, Misc.
Seascaping Products Boston Aqua,
Drain & Fill Syst. Python Products

Parts & Fittings etc.
If you want to do it yourself, and you want things done a certain way, you may notice that you'll need some of these parts. Send us a list of what you need, or use our custom design services and we'll supply you with all the little pieces you need to make everthing perfect.
Equip. Accessories On Request
Airline & fittings Lee's,TLF
Air & Dosing Pumps On Request
Replacement Bulbs Giesemann, IceCap, Ushio, more..
Plumbing Parts Ipex, Spears