We continue to test the latest and greatest in development and we offer to you what we know to work best. If you would like further information on any of our products, please use the links provided to read more on the manufacturers' web sites.

Every aquarium project is different. Though we've listed some of the most important pieces, we probably missed product or information you need - just contact us and we'll help you find it.

Our equipment is available for delivery & installation with scheduled service or consult. We also ship equipment & dry goods orders via courier.

Automation & Monitoring

Automation, in conjunction with built-in redundancy, provides a healthy layer of security to protect your investment - and controls your equipment to induct seasonality.
Aqua Controllers Neptune Systems, Reef Keeper
Water Level Control Tunze 3155, Level-Loc
Auotmatic Feeder Eheim
Auto Reservoir Fill On Request
Easy Water Changes On Request


Your aquatic life will benefit from lighting that accurately simulates your specimens' natural depth & habitat. Give them what they want & they'll give you the color and texture you want.
LED Fixtures Vertex
T5 Lighting Sunlight Supply, IceCap . Giesemann
Compact Fluorescent Don't buy these
HQI Combo Hoods Sunlight Supply, IceCap, Giesemann

Water Motion

Achieve results by use of appropriate current replication methods. Employ reliable, quiet, clean and efficient pumps. Use these products in combination with our plumbing products & services for optimal results.
In-Line Pumps Panworld Aquatics, Poseidon, Reeflo
Submersible Pumps  Danner, Eheim, Tunze
Powerheads Tunze, Koralia
Wavemakers Tunze,  EcoTech Marine

Your water has to be just right for your aquatic life to thrive. Start by adding the best water available to your aquarium and continue by using proper filtration equipment, media and methods.
RO/DI Filtration Vertex
UV Sterilizers Pentair, Oceanic, Emperor Aquatics
Protein Skimmers Vertex, Bubble King, Deltec
Ozonizers Red Sea
Canister Filters Eheim, Hagen
Sumps (custom) On Request (glass, acrylic)
Refugiums (custom) On Request (glass, acrylic

Parameter management doesn't have to include a daily appointment with a teaspoon. We recommend the following methods and equipment:
Calcium Reactors* Deltec, Vertex, Octopus
Cylinders, Gauges & Valves On Request
Fluidized Resins Two Little Fishies, House Brand, Rowa,
Nitrate Reactors Deltec, Vertex
*Use in conjunction with aquarium computers.

Heating & Chilling
Temperature stability is very important. Not only should one use the right equipment for the job, but it's also recommended to use redundant equipment and utilize computer control for added security.
Heaters* Marineland, AquaLogic
Chillers* Oceanic, EcoPlus, AquaLogic
Fans* EcoPlus, IceCap
Temp. Controllers Neptune Systems, Ranco, Reef Keeper
*Use in conjunction with aquarium computers.