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Designed for our Aquariums
With years of millwork design experience we know how to properly support and accent your aquarium. Why not get it done right?
As a Free Standing Feature
We can provide the classic aquarium look for you. Contact us for a selection of classic millwork options.
Embedded to Embellish
Select a build material to match the finish and style of your existingdécor. It doesn't have to look like an afterthought.
Almost anything is possible; we are in the business of exceeding expectations.  Contact us for an estimate.

A Marine Aquaria custom aquarium is exactly what you want it to be. Enjoy the precision fabrication of your thoughts or that of our design.

• Any size, any shape
• Optically Clear Glass
• Customized Drilling
• Mitering & Polishing

• Euro Bracing
• Hidden Hardware
• Sound Dampening
• Large Projects

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Choose aquarium supporting millwork as a free-standing feature, or as a complement to existing furniture and décor.”

• Choice of Material & Finish
• Classic Style or Original Creation
• Functional Hardware Options


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Our biological support systems allow for a biotope specific supply and coordination of lighting, water motion, and nutrient control.

• Lighting
• Water Motion
• Nutrient Control
• Ionic Balance
• Temperature & Venting
• Secondary Systems

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