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Size & Shape
Custom aquarium construction liberates your imagination, and allows for aquariums to be built to fit into your space

Perimeter bracing makes the aquarium easier to clean, and lets more light in.
Optically Clear
Most glass has an almost imperceptible green tinge; imperceptible, that is, until compared with custom ‘ultra-clear’ glass.”
Hidden Hardware
We design the hardware access points to be out of sight. Clean, living, art.
Custom Drilled
Every project is unique. We provide access points wherever needed.
Sound Dampened
Not all aquariums are quiet, but ours are!
Mitered Seams & Polished Edges
Mitered seams make a greater joint contact-surface and eliminate visible silicon filled gaps. Polishing makes visible glass edges look clean and smooth.
Large-Project Capable (≥ 2,500 L)
From home aquariums to custom installations in excess of 2,500 L, Marine Aquaria has the experience and expertise for your project.”

A Marine Aquaria custom aquarium is exactly what you want it to be. Enjoy a system fabricated to match your vision, or that of our design.

• Any size, any shape
• Optically Clear Glass
• Customized Drilling
• Mitering & Polishing

• Euro Bracing
• Hidden Hardware
• Sound Dampening
• Large Projects

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Choose aquarium supporting millwork as a free-standing feature, or as a complement to existing furniture and décor.

• Choice of Material & Finish
• Classic Style or Original Creation
• Functional Hardware Options


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Our biological support systems allow for a biotope specific supply and coordination of lighting, water motion, and nutrient control.

• Lighting
• Water Motion
• Nutrient Control
• Ionic Balance
• Temperature & Venting
• Secondary Systems

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