Our ocean-wide relationships provide us with healthy specimens. With our enhanced holding systems we can offer to you vibrant aquatic life that's ready for your aquarium. Our quality marine specimens are available for delivery with scheduled service to clients with our aquarium systems or with consult. We also offer livestock in volume to organizations, institutions, and serious hobbyists (minimum order required).

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We focus on reef type environments and typically bring in fish that are at least mostly reef safe. Aggressive & odd-ball specimens are available on request.

We import fish that are ethically caught and poperly decompressed. Whenever possible we import captive bred specimes from Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums.

If you're looking to browse livestock pictures we recommend either taking a look at our education page, or browsing through www.marinecenter.com - they probably have the nicest library online.

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Although not all corals and invertebrae need the same degree of attention to thrive, we only import specimens that can do well in a closed system.

It's important to either buy the right specimens for your system - or purchase the right system and level of care required to keep the specimens of your fancy.

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Liverock shape, color, and quality is as diverse as the rest of ocean life - it's not a uniform product. 

We import an assortment of ocean rock that allows us to more closely recreate that piece of ocean you are looking for.

We stock an assortment of large, slab and branching rock from the Tonga regions as well as aqua-cultured and uniquely textured rock from Bali

If you're looking for superior ingredients to form your unique seascape, contact us to find out more about pricing, delivery and installation.