Our Vision
"To aid pursuit for the perfect saltwater aquarium to embellish both your thinking and decor 
by providing informed advice and access to both effective value-priced and luxury aquariums,  equipment, supplies, livestock and aquarium service."

What is now Marine Aquaria, based in Edmonton AB, grew from being a sole proprietorship in 2001 to a limited company in 2003. We are now known as a reliable source of quality custom aquariums, service, products and aquatic life.

Our business plan is built on the principle of making ownership of a beautiful aquarium completely painless. We provide well-designed systems, reliable labour, quality products, vibrant aquatic life and even billing options to cater to your desires. It doesn't have to be complicated.

With an established history in design, installation and care in home, office and commercial aquariums, Marine Aquaria operates with the principle that it doesn't have to be broke to fix it. We have a keen interest in making aquarium systems cleaner, quieter, more efficient and more natural.

Joshua Jones: Owner and Director

Josh has spent years tinkering with aquariums, various habitats, and lighting systems in the aquatic industry. Working in the pet and industrial electronics industries during his college & university education he gathered the information he needed to form what is now Marine Aquaria - offering complete solutions for commercial, residential, and public aquariums.

Though cross-trained, each of our team members make use of their specific talents to enrich your aquarium.

Marine Aquaria has quickly become Edmonton's leading aquarium design and service company, and our team just keeps getting stronger as we continue to build upon our tradition of excellence in residential, business, and commercial aquarium systems.

Harvey Wong: Retail Accounts

We managed to find someone who knows WAY too much about aquarium stuff and someohow convince him to run the storefront. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of introduction, well then that's just one more reason to come down!

Pictures can be deceiving. Lucky for you aquariums & their inhabitants always look better in real life. Feel free to take a look at our work in person.

Delta Edmonton South 
(4404 Gateway Blvd NW - the main lobby)
In July 2006, the Delta Edmonton South upgraded to 200 gallon showpiece. This aquarium is embedded into their lobby and accented by our woodwork to match it's recently renovated surroundings. The Delta South is always open - feel free to stop by and take a look.

Commercial & Residential Portfolio
(Edmonton Region - there's probably one close by)
Our nicest aquariums are where their owners enjoy them most - in their home or office. Many of our clients have offered to make themselves available for our prospects. Contact us for a list of references to get a broader sample and a less biased option of our work.

Have a look in our gallery to see some samples of our work.